What is so special for? is a digital caregiver e-commerce market that helps people with reduced mobility travelling to find and book caregiver and therapy services abroad. The platform offers a wide range of service providers working in different areas of care and therapy. Those needing care and their relatives can choose from a wide range of care providers that best suit their needs and thus find the right provider. makes it easy for people requiring care and their relatives to see and book high-quality outpatient nursing care and therapy services.

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What is about demographic change?

Demographic change, in particular the ageing of the population, is leading to an increase in the number of people requiring care. An important factor here is the growing number of baby boomers entering retirement. This generation has often travelled a lot and has a high-income and leisure budget. However, with age and health limitations, it can become more difficult for them to travel without assistance.

Therefore, there is an increasing demand for travel services that consider the needs of people needing care. This includes providing medical services such as outpatient nursing care, nursing aids, domestic activities and therapies. Travel agencies offering these services can benefit from growing demand and address a new target group.

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Digital care assessment by travellers or relatives has a unique digital care determination service that allows care recipients, their carers, or relatives to enter care needs online. This enables to find and book the most suitable and available care service for the patient. This digital care identification is essential to ensure the patient receives the best care and support. It also allows for faster and more effective use of amenities, especially when travelling to a foreign country like Spain. The digital caregiver finding tool allows booking the appropriate care services directly on the platform.

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