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Our wheelchair for the holidays is the perfect solution for all those

those who want to stay mobile on holiday. The wheelchair is compact, lightweight, and folds easily. Thanks to its robust aluminium construction and powerful braking system, it offers a safe and controlled ride. The ergonomic deals with height-adjustable grips ensure optimum comfort and individual adjustment to the user's body size. With the supported seat, the wheelchair is also a reliable companion on premature trips on holiday. Book our wheelchair for your holiday now and experience more freedom and independence on your next trip!

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Other fees

Delivery fee: 10 EUR

Deposit: 50 EUR (cash on-site – cash return on-site)


You can collect the rental product yourself or have it delivered and set up. The supplier must first check this offer. A binding payment is only due after a positive commitment by the provider.

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Hire a wheelchair for your holiday in Rhodes

Why rent a wheelchair for your holiday?

A cheap and comfortable way to explore your surroundings.
Freedom and independence.
More comfort and safety for you and your fellow travellers.

Features of the wheelchair for your holiday

Compact: The wheelchair is lightweight and folds easily.
Robust aluminium construction.
Powerful braking system.
Ergonomic handles with height-adjustable grips allow you to sit in an optimal position, which can reduce your back pain when you are on holiday.

Useful features of the wheelchair for holidays

Backrest for extra comfort: The backrest provides you with a high level of seating comfort and gives you a feeling of security so that you can relax.
Padded seat for a break on the road: The wheelchair has a padded seat and is therefore particularly suitable for people with back pain who want to recharge their batteries or want a quick drink – for example, at the kiosk down the road!

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