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Our housekeeping service in Rhodes supports people with limited mobility with everyday tasks such as cleaning, laundry, shopping and waste disposal. We offer individual help to enable people to live independently and with dignity in their familiar surroundings. We aim to support our clients in managing their daily lives and ensure high service quality. Let us pamper you with our professional housekeeping services in Rhodes.

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To book our care services, select the ones you need assistance with by clicking on the appropriate options. We will ensure that you receive the proper support. We will gladly assist you if you wish to make any changes to your selection.


Time ranges of one hour can be selected individually for each day. The provider must first check this offer. A binding payment is only due after a positive commitment by the provider. Travel costs to and from the respective locations are required to carry out the necessary activities, but these are free of charge from April to September and are already included in the price.

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Housekeeping services in Rhodes

Housekeeping services in Rhodes. Rhodes is known for its beautiful beaches and historical sites and its wide range of housekeeping services to help make your stay on the island stress-free. Our housekeeping activities support people with low mobility in the household and during their holidays. Our housekeeping staff will help you with many tasks for a clean and pleasant living environment. Let us pamper you with our professional housekeeping services in Rhodes.

Activities Housekeeping

Our services include shopping and errands, washing, ironing and cleaning clothes, and putting away and ironing laundry. We also remove, wash, and hang window curtains, clean windows, and defrost the fridge or freezer.

Furthermore, we are happy to help you with separating and disposing of waste, cleaning the bathroom, toilet and kitchen, vacuuming and wet cleaning floors, and dusting and cleaning the staircase. We can also entirely strip and cover a bed and clean a pet cage.

Our services are designed to make your everyday life easier and to create a clean and hygienic environment in which you can feel completely at ease. We rely on qualified and experienced staff to guarantee the best possible care and support.


Elderly people and people with disabilities

Our service does not only support people with low mobility but also elderly people, people with disabilities or people recovering from an illness or surgery. We aim to provide individual support tailored to the needs of our clients to enable them to live independently and with dignity in their familiar surroundings. We strive to build a trusting relationship with our clients and ensure a high quality of service.

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