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Rent a commode chair in Rhodes

Hire our commode chair for a carefree and comfortable holiday in Rhodes or a gentle recovery at home. Our commode chair is ideal for people with limited mobility or recovering from an operation or injury. The chair is light and easy to handle, with flexible armrests and an exclusive seat for maximum comfort.


The commode chair has a clean commode bowl that is easy to clean and disinfect. It is stable and safe while offering sufficient freedom of movement for the user.


The commode chair is easy to transport and store thanks to its practical design. It is a practical and hygienic alternative to toilets and offers maximum flexibility and comfort for the user.

Price scale

from 6 days 45 % discount

from 27 days 70 % discount


Other fees

Delivery fee: 10 EUR

Deposit: 50 EUR (cash on-site – cash return on-site)


You can collect the rental product yourself or have it delivered and set up. The supplier must first check this offer. A binding payment is only due after a positive commitment by the provider.

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Rent a commode chair in Rhodes

Enjoy your holiday in Rhodes without worrying about the health care of your loved ones. Our toilet chair rental service offers a practical and hygienic solution for people with reduced mobility.

Our commode chair is easy to transport and simple to use. It has an exclusive armrest and seat for maximum comfort. Furthermore, the chair has a clean toilet bowl that is easy to clean and disinfect.

We allow you to rent or borrow our toilet chair for your stay in Rhodes. When handed over to the client, the chair is clean, disinfected and in good condition. We ensure the chair meets all hygiene standards and is in perfect working order.

Cleaning toilet chair

At the end of the rental period, our team will refurbish the commode chair entirely and clean it. You do not have to worry about cleaning or maintenance and can enjoy your holiday to the full.

Our rental offer also includes the delivery of the commode chair directly to your hotel or privately booked accommodation in Rhodes and the collection at the end of the rental period. This allows you to concentrate fully on your holiday and not worry about the health care of your loved ones.

Hire our toilet chair now for a worry-free and comfortable holiday in Rhodes. We are here for you and will ensure you and your loved ones have a pleasant and hygienic experience.

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