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The seat cushions are ideal for more comfort and flexibility on holiday.

They are made of different materials such as leather, imitation leather or cotton and offer a comfortable sitting position, for example, to enjoy cosy hours in the evening sun with a glass of wine. The cushions are easy to transport and can be carried over the shoulder or under the arm. They come in different sizes and designs to suit individual needs and styles. With holiday seat cushions, you can sit back, relax and enjoy your holiday to the fullest without feeling stressed or rushed.

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Deposit: 50 EUR (cash on-site - cash return on site)



You can collect the rental product yourself or have it delivered and set up. The supplier must first check this offer. A binding payment is only due after a positive commitment by the provider.

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Why rent a seat cushion on holiday?

Seat cushions on holiday are a promising way to increase comfort and improve the holiday experience. Seating comfort is essential currently when many people are stressed and hectic. Seat cushions help avoid stress as they give you a feeling of relaxation, allowing you to close your eyes and think only of yourself for a moment. Rent seat cushions on holiday.

Advantages of seat cushions on holiday

When you use a seat cushion on holiday, you can experience more comfort. You can put your legs up and rest your feet on the cushion. This is much more pleasant than sitting on the floor or lying in the sun and straining your back to be comfortable.

Seat cushions give you flexibility:

You can take them with you when you want to go to the theatre or visit a restaurant, use them later on the spot, then retake them – all without any problems! Handling this type of product is effortless: just put the cushion over your shoulder (or under your arm), and it's always at hand!

Seat cushions for every occasion

Outdoor activities

Making the right choice

If you want to buy a seat cushion for your holiday, you should first think about what hurts you most when you sit down. The choice of material plays a significant role: cushions made of leather or imitation leather, as well as cushions filled with cotton, among others. You should also ensure the seat cushion is not too heavy and can be transported easily. Some models are even washable and can be cleaned in the washing machine.

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